The Speakers

Joseph Banta : Write and Deploy a Dual-Platform Mobile App on a Tight Budget

Joseph is Director of the Nashville office of Band of Coders. In that role he participates in the design and implementation of each technical solution, including building it himself, or assembling the team to make it happen when appropriate. Joseph has been a developer and architect for more than 20 years, and also can convincingly sound like Shaggy from Scooby Doo when called upon.

Robert Boedigheimer : Cryptography 101

Robert Boedigheimer works for Schwan's Home Delivery providing business solutions with web technologies. He is a Microsoft MVP, a Progress Developer Expert (Fiddler), an ASPInsider, a Pluralsight author, and a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Robert regularly speaks at national and international events.

Nader Dabit: JamStack on AWS

Senior Developer Advocate at AWS

Bobby Davis Jr. : How To Land Your First Dev Job or the Dream Job You Have Always Wanted

Author, Educator, Developer - President of Coder Foundry

Rockstar Developer Branding

Bobby Davis Jr. is a tech entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience building successful software companies. Bobby founded his first company, the custom software consultancy Core Techs, in 2002 with just $500 in his account. He has since grown it into a multimillion-dollar business. His second effort, Advanced Fraud Solutions, now runs in almost 1,000 financial institutions across forty-eight states. Inc. has labeled it one of the fastest-growing private businesses in the country four years running. After a successful 2018 exit, Bobby also runs the Coder Foundry bootcamp, where he has successfully placed hundreds of his software development students in high-paying jobs across the industry.

Ricardo De Andrade : Developing a Google Assistant App with No Code

Technical Trainer Lead for Apigee at Google

Ricardo de Andrade is a Technical Trainer for Apigee at Google, with 20+ years of experience in technology. Prior to Google and Apigee Ricardo has held roles as Architect, Developer Evangelist and Software Developer. Ricardo holds an MBA, MS in Software Engineering from San Jose State in San Jose, California and BS in Computer Engineering from Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana in his home country of Brazil. Ricardo is currently pursuing a PhD at Florida Atlantic University.

Josh Holmes : Introduction to PWAs

Principle Lead Dev at Microsoft @joshholmes

Brett Koonce : Introduction to Swift for Tensorflow

Brett Koonce is the CTO/co-founder of Quarkworks, a mobile consulting agency. He has worked on dozens of apps and contributed code to many different open source projects. He enjoys building and scaling teams to solve interesting problems.

Michael Liendo : Async Principles: Understanding Callbacks, Promises, and Async-Await

Senior Software Engineer at Echobind @mtliendo

Lawrence Lockhart: Javascript, A Trip Down Memory Lane

Fullstack Developer @LDLockhartJr

Corinna Luu: Welcoming Remarks

Corinna currently supports the GDG and Women Techmakers developer communities in the North America region on the Developer Relations team at Google.

Debbie O'Brien: Going Static in a Dynamic World with Hasura and Nuxt.js

Head of Learning and Developer Advocate @nuxt_js

Valerie Phoenix: Undefined not null: Getting Started with Javascript

Full Stack Developer, Founder of TechByChoice @DigitalBlkHippy

Diana Rodriguez: DevOps Culture for Success

Jack of All Trades, Master of DevOps! Developer Advocate @ Vonage

Ali Spittel: Yes, You Should Write that Blog Post!

Senior Developer Advocate AWSAmplify, Co-host of Ladybug podcast

She has a major tech blog with over 1 million views regularly.

Samuel Taylor: New Codebase Who Dis? A Scientific Approach to Reading and Writing Code

Sr. AI Engineer, Acrisure Technology

I help scientists and researchers make real business impact through good engineering.

I believe that relationships matter more than org charts, learning happens best through intelligent action, and that teamwork is leadership. Some things I'm proud of include the students I have helped learn to code, my pun generator, and a talk I delivered at one of the largest data science conferences.

My interests include trustworthy models, imbalanced data, and (of course) putting machine learning into production.

I studied computer science at Baylor University and have worked for companies including TripAdvisor and Indeed. I currently work as a Machine Learning Engineer in Austin, TX

Mark Tellez: Why You Should Build Your Own Web Components

Chief Mentor | DevmentorLive

Mark has been a JavaScript programmer since 1997 and has spent his entire adult life as a software engineer and programmer. He spends most of his time these days mentoring up and coming JavaScript and ReactJS developers and growing his Youtube channel.